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Spark your imagination.

October 19-21st Laguna Beach, California

Yogis know all too well that slowing things down is the best way to center, ground and find unique inspiration. And When you are only a few blocks away from the beach there is no way not to feel tranquil and rejuvenated. For a weekend of yoga, healthy meals and self-reflection; you will come back home with a clear vision and a new sense of purpose. Your retreat hosts Emily Davenport and Naomi Zelin are passionate about bringing like-minded people together to help create meaningful connections and lasting friendships.


Accommodation and Pricing:

Our accommodations are limited but we do want you to feel comfortable and excited to share this with friends, our rate reflect the pricing for rooms that can either be booked solo or with a friend :)

Opt 1 - delux private room and private bath $800 (or $700 shared)

Opt 2 - private room and private bath $700 (or $600 shared)

Opt 3 - private room and shared bath $650 (or $550 shared)

Opt 4 - private daybed and shared bath $600 (or $500 shared)

Opt 5 - shared loft room and shared bath $450 ($400 shared)

What's included?

  • Accomodation for two nights

  • All Healthy Meals

  • Coffee, Tea, and pressed Juice*

  • Twice a day yoga

  • Excustions (Hike or a visit to the Cat Sanctuary)

  • Group Soul reading

  • Yoga Mats

  • Wifi

What's not Included?

  • Transportation to and from Laguna Beach

  • Alcoholic Beverages

  • Child care


Meet your Hosts!

Naomi Zelin

My yoga journey began in 2010 after a snowboarding injury landed me in the hospital with a fractured spine. I discovered that when I used yoga as a method of physical therapy that it was not long before I began to feel a better connection with my mind, body, and soul. 

As a yoga instructor and Reiki healer with a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology I specialize in working with individuals suffering from substance abuse, depression and anxiety. I have always set my intention to heal others by helping people find the courage to set their demons free and find unconditional self-love. 

Emily Davenport

When I was really young, my parents took me to yoga classes with them. At the time, I had no idea what an impact yoga would have on my life.

Almost twenty years later, I find that in almost every class I take and every class I teach, I discover something new about myself and something new about yoga. For me, yoga is no longer just a practice, it's a way of slowing time, simplifying and embracing life's constant changes.

I feel very grateful that I get to share what I've learned and what I'm learning daily so that others can enjoy the many gifts of yoga. Ultimately, I hope I can guide each person I work with to his or her true guru within.


Spark Your Revolution.

March 16th - 22nd. Marrakesh, Morocco.

This retreat will spark life transforming inspiration. Deep in the heart of Morocco lies the nectar of imagination, where the colors, smells and textiles take your breath away. A place where uniqueness ignites dreams, passion and a whole lot of creativity. As you step out of the Western world and into a whole new world of yoga and adventure, you will uncover new thoughts, ideas and creative potential. 

Join Revamp Retreats for an artists awakening in the desert of Marrakesh, Morocco. For 6 nights and 7 days, you will enjoy yoga, meditation, hiking, touring the Medina, fire breathers, belly dancers, Moroccan spa treatments, and of course, an outdoor move theater showing of Casablanca. We will come together as a community to explore, create, play, and tap into our own divine inspiration to bring fullfillment in our life paths.


Return to Bliss.

April 20th - 26th. Costa Rica.

Utilizing its unique and tranquil setting in the Nicoya Blue Zone, this tropical oasis is the perfect place to retreat for a week of yoga & meditation, delicious, healthy food, and endless discovery on the jungle lined coastline of Costa Rica. Bodhi Tree Resort is ranked one of the best yoga retreat centers in Costa Rica, offering you the space to relax and trust that all of your needs will be met. Your retreat hosts Naomi Zelin and Mary Tilson are passionate about bringing like-minded people together around the world to make meaningful connections and celebrate the simple joys in life.



Africa Yoga Project.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Africa Yoga Project, I highly recommend taking a moment to watch this video that shows how AYP's Yoga Teachers are transforming the lives of their communities through outreach projects that have now reached 15 different countries in Africa.

This particular project is focused on Healing from Trauma and Addiction Recovery. While I recognize that this issue expands worldwide regardless of race, age, or economic status, I've also experienced firsthand how fortunate we are in developed countries to have the resources for a sustainable recovery.

The slums and villages we are supporting with this project are in survival mode - struggling on a daily basis to get their basic needs met. Your donations will not only support the healing of those who have endured unimaginable trauma, but you will empower them to live a fulfilling life, to have the opportunity to earn a living wage, provide for their families and uplift their communities.