Spark Your Revolution.

March 16th - 22nd. Marrakesh, Morocco.

This retreat will spark life transforming inspiration. Deep in the heart of Morocco lies the nectar of imagination, where the colors, smells and textiles take your breath away. A place where uniqueness ignites dreams, passion and a whole lot of creativity. As you step out of the Western world and into a whole new world of yoga and adventure, you will uncover new thoughts, ideas and creative potential. 

Join Revamp Retreats for an artists awakening in the desert of Marrakesh, Morocco. For 6 nights and 7 days, you will enjoy yoga, meditation, hiking, touring the Medina, fire breathers, belly dancers, Moroccan spa treatments, and of course, an outdoor move theater showing of Casablanca. We will come together as a community to explore, create, play, and tap into our own divine inspiration to bring fullfillment in our life paths.